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Enhance Performance, Prevent Injuries, Promote Healing

RiversZenKi-Hara is now StretchPro
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Full Assessment and Customized Self-Care Plan

The perfect way to start or boost your health and fitness. Peggy, Dave and the RiversZen Ki-Hara Trainers have helped thousands to move well, stay healthy and be happy! 

  • Detailed Evaluation - You and Your Trainer will fill out an in depth evaluation to determine exactly what will be needed for you to achieve your desired results, whether you wish to relieve pain, prevent future pain or improve your athletic performance.
  • Your Trainer will perform a full Posture assessment with photos and make recommendations
  • After the evaluation is completed we will have a customized plan specifically designed for YOU including recommended classes and training
  • Full Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching Session 
  • You will learn customized exercises that can be performed in just a few minutes a day that will expedite your path toward improved posture and increased range of motion without pain
  • At the conclusion of your session your trainer will go over your customized plan once more and patiently answer any questions you might have. This appointment may take up to two hours.
  • Ongoing follow ups by email and phone
  • You have nothing to lose, RiversZen Resistance Stretching Assessment comes with a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Within 24 hours of your purchase your trainer will contact you to schedule your session at a time that works for you. Your initial assessment, fitness plan and assisted stretch is $195

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